Our Process

Gemini Industries offers a complete range of processes for the reclamation of spent catalyst including:

RCRA Hazardous Catalysts

Many times petroleum refiners do not have enough time to perform an in-site regeneration or burn of the catalyst before unloading. In other cases, due to reactor metallurgy and safety concerns about entering the reactors in an inert environment, refiners wash the reactor with soda ash or mild caustic. In both cases, the spent catalyst will likely be RCRA hazardous. When this occurs the material should be send to our facility in Caldwell TX.

The pretreatment burn off is conducted in a rotary kiln utilizing an indirect fired heater. This assures that there is no mixing of the combustion gas with the catalyst. The air flow within the kiln is minimized in order to assure that no small particles like fines or dust are entrained. The result is a tight material balance across the unit and no platinum loss.  The indirect fire and after-burning provide the best available technology for making these catalysts safe to handle. This facility is approved by CHWMEG as well the environmental departments of several multinational oil companies.

Soluble Alumina Substrate Catalysts

Approximately 90 weight % of all petroleum refinery and petrochemical catalysts are fabricated on soluble alumina substrates. For those, we offer the most efficient, highest yield and greenest process for the recovery of  Pt, Re, Ir, and Pd.This process occurs in California, is technically called hydro-metallurgical and employs chemicals to dissolve the catalyst substrate. All chemicals used are altered and not discharged as waste, but used in other services. One example is the manufacture of high purity alum, used to purify drinking water. Unlike other hydro-metallurgical process competitors who use and dispose of caustic, we have operated for over 35 years without a local, state or federal environmental violation.  Unlike our competitors using pyro-metalurgical processing, we can recover more Pt and Pd and significantly more Re. In addition, we operate a low temperatures, do not produce waste slag, and produce the lowest amount of greenhouse gasses.

Insoluble SiAl or Zeolite Substrate Catalysts

The first part of our process reduces the substrate significantly, but some insoluble material remains. This might be iron scale, other metals picked up in the petroleum refinery from crude oil etc. These insoluble materials are processed in a separate train and can be combined directly with other spent insoluble catalysts. We offer one of the best return yields in the industry and can combine these shipments with your other soluble catalyst. If 90% of your spent catalyst is soluble, why would you separate those and send to another supplier.

Miscellaneous Catalysts

Special processing trains have been installed to process other catalysts such as Pd on Carbon, slurry catalysts, filter cake material from fresh catalyst suppliers, environmental catalysts etc. Please call for a quote.