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New Catalyst Recovery Technologies Allow Optimum Financial Performance

January 2, 2013
When many people think of catalysts, they think of catalytic converters. While it is true that catalysts play an important role in the automotive industry, catalysts can also be used in a variety of other manners. For instance, precious metal catalysts are critical for a number of chemical processes. This includes isomerization, catalytic reforming, and hydrocracking in oil refining and petrochemical industries. Precious metal catalysts are also utilized in specialty and bulk chemical productions.

As a result of their high value, catalyst recycling at the end of the catalyst?s life cycle can be crucial for optimum economic performance. This has been shown to be particularly true as the cost of precious metals, such as platinum, continue to climb to record highs. A variety of platinum catalyst refining techniques can be used in order to refine spent catalysts without incurring any loss of precious metals. Through these unique refining technologies and platinum recovery methods, it is possible to reclaim extremely valuable precious metals in a way that is efficient as well as environmentally sound.

Need for Precious Metals Refining Remains Strong

November 21, 2012
As auto production continues to rise around the world and many countries respond with an increasing trend towards strengthening emission regulations, the demand for Texas precious metals refining used as catalysts is on the rise. It is also expected that catalyst recycling, including rhodium, platinum, and palladium will continue to increase in the future as well. The demand for auto catalysts increased to 3.1 million ounces just last year. Platinum prices have already witnessed a steady increase in price.

There has even been speculation regarding concerns for under supply of platinum and other precious metals where surpluses were once predicted. Although new mining resources and options for platinum recovery are being explored in various parts of the world, this significant demand for catalysts means that the need for a reliable source for catalyst refining will likely continue to grow as demand continues to rise. For experienced precious metals refining services in Texas contact Zodiac Enterprises at 979-567-6931.

New Catalyst on the Market

October 23, 2012
Honda Motor Company recently announced the development of a new type of catalyst that can reduce the use of rhodium by 50%. Considering the fact that rhodium is one of the critical precious metals used in catalyst production, this is certainly big news. The new catalyst is used in the North American version of the 2013 Honda Accord, which went on sale in the U.S. on September 19, 2012. Eventually, the new catalyst will be used in other models produced by Honda as well.

As the volume of auto production around the world continues to increase along with strengthening emission regulations around the globe, the demand for rhodium and platinum recovery for catalyst production is expected to continue rising. Catalyst recycling and precious metals refining are anticipated to continue serving as a valuable source of platinum recovery along with other precious metals. For reliable and experienced Catalyst Recycling services in Texas contact Zodiac Enterprises at 979-567-6931.

Texas Precious Metals Refining Benefits Industry

September 25, 2012
Precious metals refining is playing an important role in platinum recovery. While many consumers are not aware of it, platinum is actually much rarer than silver and gold. Most people are aware that platinum is frequently used as a substitute for gold in jewelry. It is also commonly used in medical and dental equipment. This precious metal also has numerous applications within a host of industrial sectors. For instance, platinum can be found in machinery and automobiles. It is frequently used in spark plugs, sensors, and catalytic converters. Platinum can also be found in various forms of electronics, particularly in non-corrosive and high-temperature wires and contacts. Platinum is also heavily used in chemical processing and can act as a general catalyst in order to speed reactions. The petroleum and oil refining industries also frequently use platinum for catalyst refining.

What to Look for in a Precious Metals Refining and Recovery Service

August 17, 2012
Texas precious metals refining and platinum recovery has now become more important than ever. Platinum is now well-known due to its use in jewelry, there are also many other uses for this precious metal, particularly in the industrial arena, including the production of catalytic converters for vehicles. Due to the instability of platinum mines in areas around the world and the scarcity of this precious metal, the demand for platinum recovery is now at an all-time high.

Platinum recovery is a specialized skill, however. As a result of the difficulty that can be associated with refining and recycling precious metals, it is crucial to locate the right precious metal refiner and recycling company. In particular, it is important to seek out a precious metals refining company with an experienced metallurgist on site to oversee all recovery and extraction processes.