Gemini Industries
2311 S. Pullman Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
P: 949-250-4011
F: 949-261-6422



Gemini Industries offers un-paralleled service for reclamation of precious group metals (PGM) comprised of: Platinum, Rhenium, Iridium and Palladium.
Gemini has over 35 years of experience in refining of PGM from following catalysts manufacturers:
-          Albermarle
-          Axens
-          BASF/ Engelhard
-          Chevron
-          Criterion
-          Dow
-          Haldor Topsoe
-          Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)
-          Johnson Matthey
-          Sud Chemie
-          Synetix
-          UOP
-          And others

Additionally we can offer:
-          Ability to process RCRA hazardous catalyst with our pre-reclaim burning center in Texas.
-          Logistical support for domestic and international freight.
-          Assistance with precious metal purchase, sale or leasing